Replete – The State of Perfect Fullness

Now here’s something you weren’t expecting to stumble across at Northampton Town Festival, but when we said we had it all, we really weren’t lying!


We’ve been working flat out trying to find a way to illustrate to you all the knead for this delicious delicacy at Northampton Town Festival, and can only hope that we rise to the occasion!  So meet Replete Flatbreads


Flatbead close up


“I started Replete Flatbreads just over 2 years ago, having being made redundant from working in Project management for 25 years at a global I.T. Company.


I took the plunge to follow my dream of running my own food business after being a lifelong foodie. After doing a great deal of market research to find a niche, I decided upon creating a range of gourmet flatbreads. These are all based on worldwide recipes with my added twist of a delicious filling sealed inside.


Since the original 5 flatbreads, the range has increased to 13, with several seasonal ones. The flatbreads are all vegetarian, lots are vegan and a few are even gluten free. 


I am now a regular on 6 monthly farmer’s markets across Cambridgeshire, Northants, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, as well as attending lots of food & drink events in the local area.


This year I have also moved into selling my flatbreads to local restaurants, deli’s, cafes, Wholefood shops and even caterers.


Iain Cowan, Owner of Replete Flatbreads”


Replete stall


Replete will be taking approximately 8 different types of flatbread to Northampton Town Festival, which you can either buy and try there, or take home and warm up later!  The bread has a great shelf lifetime, so if you’ve already overindulged on all the other great foods and drinks available at the festival, can also be frozen!  Click here for their full range available.

Flatbead close up 2


We know you’re going to LOAF this delicious range as much as we are, but if you’d like some more information beforehand feel free to check out their website, and give them a follow on social media!  Also congratulations on coming 3rd in the Bedfordshire Food & Drinks Awards 2015!


Replete Bedford Finalist