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You may have noticed, but Northampton Town Festival has been a lot about entertainment, fine foods and drinks, the arts, the unmissable talents of certain individuals, and of course the infamous fun fair!  However that’s not all that we’re about, and so we’d love to introduce you to Nathan Watson Dog Behaviour!


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There will be a stall at Northampton Town Festival for you to take your dog for a drink, some free training advice or even just a chat – maybe a nice well needed break from the rest of the festivities!


So who are Nathan Watson Dog Behaviour?


“I have been running Nathan Watson Dog Behaviour now for over 5 years. Overcoming some of my own dogs’ struggles and my passion for dogs lead me very naturally in to this line of work. I have learnt a lot in this time and worked with well in excess of 1500 dogs, not just in Northampton but throughout the country. There’s a lot planned for the future of the company which will hopefully enable more dogs to benefit from my services. I work closely with Animals In Need – Maxicare who are the animal rescue centre based in Little Irchester near Wellingborough. All of the dogs adopted are provided with support and a free session with me. I am also on hand as and when I’m needed for advice at the rescue itself.

During the course of the Northampton Town Festival I will be on hand to advise any dog owners how best to move forwards if they have any training or behaviour struggles! Whether it be pulling on the lead, jumping up, barking, or even more severe behaviour problems I will be able to recommend the best course of action. Please do not bring dogs to see me if they are not comfortable in a busy environment such as the festival but do come for a chat as I will still be able to provide suitable advice for you.”


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Dog behaviour problems can vary in severity, however regardless of this level Nathan is there and happy to help!  A problem can always helped, no matter what age, breed or personal history of the dog, and exactly how this issue is addressed will be looked at on an individual basis and chosen by Nathan himself.


All training is ethical and reward based without the use of fear or intimidation. Behaviour consultations involve a more in depth analysis of your dogs situation to determine the factors contributing to your dogs adverse behaviour.  They include not just hands on effective training but a full consultation report and follow up support.


As an educated bunch, of course we don’t expect you to just accept what you’re told on the internet, and so rest assured that as well as experienced, Nathan is qualified for the job!


Nathan certification


“I am very proud to announce that I have passed my examination and completed all of the entry requirements for the CBCC-KA (Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed) This is one of few certifications that is globally recognised by veterinarians, trainers, behaviourists and other industry professionals.
With dogs, exams alone mean nothing, but combined with my extensive practical experience back up the knowledge that I have gained over the years.
I have worked hard for this but it doesn’t stop here as the certification relies on continued learning to re-certify every five years.

Nathan Watson CBCC-KA”


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