Hot Air Ballooning: Commonly Asked Questions

Hot air balloons have always been fascinating no matter how old we are. There’s something calming and alluring about watching a hot balloon begin its journey, just as it’s a euphoric experience for those who decide to enjoy the unique views such an experience offers.

Regardless of whether you enjoy watching balloons or enjoying the view, they have to offer while in motion, there can be questions raised as to why hot air balloons only take off at certain times of the day.

Some may also be curious as to what type of weather conditions can affect a hot air balloon’s journey.

Here are the answers to some of those questions.

Why Do Hot Air Balloons Take Off in The Morning or Evening?

Those who have only been introduced to hot air ballooning a couple of times may be wondering as to why the balloons only seem to start their journey at the start or end of the day.

Although not always the case, there is a reason for this. Hot air balloons require what’s called “stable air” to fly.

As the sun’s temperature increases around the middle of the day, it can cause thermals which will affect the flight plat of a hot air balloon.

As the climate will be at its coolest at the start or end of the day, it makes sense to take advantage of the stable air and ensure that a stable journey is carried out.

What Weather Conditions Need to Be Avoided?

You might think that when it’s colder that would mean less hot air balloons taking flight. Although there can be factors that mean balloons can’t take flight, the colder months can also provide more stable air.

This means that hot air balloon enthusiasts have more opportunities to take flight because there are no thermals acting as deterrents.

Of course, other weather conditions need to be considered. Times when a balloon must refrain from flying include winds that go beyond 10mph, heavy rain and storms. You’ll see updates on the Facebook page closer to the event about the weather conditions and if it’s safe for the balloons to fly. So remember to keep an eye on the page.


Enjoy Hot Air Ballooning in a Safe Way

Although there can be risks if hot air ballooning is not carried out in the right way, professionals will find that they have little problems, and those that do arise are normally minimal, our experts will be at hand and as always it will be safety first.

Come and See the Balloons

One of the most mesmerising experiences you can see is a series of hot air balloons travelling in the sky, and this will be one of the many attractions taking place at the Northampton Town Festival being held at The Racecourse in Northampton on the 6th and 7th July 2019, and its free entry.

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