Tony’s Reptile Show – Come and Meet Mr Reptile Man!

Tonys reptile show logo


Could you imagine a snake as long as 30 feet?  Fancy holding one?  Don’t worry, you won’t be finding any 30 feet snakes at Northampton Town Festival 😉 but you will get to see a wide variety, maybe even have a picture with one!


Tony’s Reptile Show is bringing a wide range of his exotic animals with him to Northampton Town Festival. These include corn snakes, royal pythons, bosc monitor, red iguana, leopard geckos, bearded dragon, giant land snail, albino hedgehog, Chilean rose tarantula and giant millipedes –  all these will be at the show, and we would love for you to meet them!


Tony with a snake


“I started roaming reptile show because of the love I have for reptiles.I decided to start roaming reptile  after I took the reptiles into a school where my wife works. I really enjoyed the day and thought what a good way to show my love of reptiles and to share my hobby with others. We have a wide range of different animals that we show and we have fact sheets on the reptiles to show you where they live and how to care for them, we also have snake skins on display.”


Tony aka Mr Reptile Man will arrive accompanied by his fully heated van, tables, chairs and of course the animals – so get involved, pull yourself up a chair and wait in anticipation to be amazed by the show!


Photo opportunities will be available with the animals.  Tony is also available for questions after the shows, if you want to know. if you have ever wondered about how to care for a reptile he will be giving away Reptile Fact Sheets for you to keep for your reference.


Don’t be alarmed – all of the animals are extremely tame and handleable. Tony has years of experience in the industry you are in safe hands!  Tony is fully insured, if you wish to see his licenses and risk assessment, we will be pleased to provide this!


So get down to Northampton Town Festival and try something new!  Just remember, they’re a lot more scared of you than you are of them…


Lizard 2


p.s. The best photo’s and stories you send in from the show will be featured online afterwards! Feel free to send these through to