The Ultimate In Fair Ground Thrills At The Northampton Town Festival

The Northampton Town Festival (The Racecourse, Northampton 1st & 2nd July.  Funfair from 30th June) is set to host the funfair to end all funfairs.  Forget a couple of clapped out waltzers and a neon light, flashing its last.  This funfair really puts the fun in fair.  We’re actually worried it may spoil all future funfairs for you – it’s that good!

Prove It!!! We hear you cry!

Ok, how does this sound…………

For starters, we have the Vue Giant Wheel – a whopping 60 tonne Ferris wheel – one of the biggest in the country – courtesy of Jan de Koning funfairs and accommodating up to 144 people at a time, it towers over 100ft (35 metres) into the sky.  This impressive structure is one of the tallest rides of its kind currently travelling in the UK.

Next up we have the Wild Mouse roller coaster!  The Wild Mouse is an amazing spinning roller coaster with cars that seat up to 4 people.  During the 2 min ride, passengers will experience up to 2.5G, and speeds up to 46.8 km/h or 29.1 mph as the car travels up, down and along the track, spinning as it goes.

Following on we have a 45m Sky Swing which is essentially a giant swing that whizzes you around and around in carts – 45m high in the air.  Not for those who don’t like heights but for those who do, we think you’re going to get a pretty awesome view from up there!

We then have the more well-known rides such as the Dodgems, Waltzers, Twisters, Big Ghost Train, Dumbos, King Swing, Super Bowl, Frogs, Fun House (this one is HUGE), giant inflatables, Sea Storm, a whopping 38m reverse bungee, Simulators, games of chance and skill and all the latest children’s rides.

To finish off the list though, (and we feel we must brag a little), we have the amazing Danters Air.  Air is the latest thrill ride to hit the UK and is 1 of only 3 such rides in the world.  Air will swing, spin and loop 30 riders 100 feet through the air. With the seats looping uncontrolled at random, no two rides will ever be the same!

So, if that has tantalised your fairground going tastebuds, make sure you don’t miss out!

The Friday night Funfair (30th June) offers Friday Night Madness on the Funfair from 5pm – 10pm with some amazing offers on the rides.

The Festival is free to get in, parking is £5, you can bring a picnic if you wish although there is plenty of food and drink available to buy in the showground.

We have a jam-packed entertainment line-up with shows to amaze and wow everyone, from The Wild West to motorbike stunts.  We have the hot air balloons, hundreds of local traders, a huge local produce marquee, Kid Zone, nappy changing and on Saturday night a gigantic firework display will be put on for you, the people of Northampton.

Please be aware that you cannot bring your own alcohol in with you although you can purchase when you get in.  Security and the safety of everyone is at a premium.  If we get unfavourable weather, some or all of the entertainment will unfortunately be cancelled / rescheduled, maybe at little or no notice.  Again, this is in the interests of everyone’s safety and we thank you in advance for your understanding.