The Balloon Grand Prix is Flying Over!

Are you ready for the Balloon Grand Prix that will be flying over The Northampton Town Festival? Come along to the Racecourse over the July 7th and 8th weekend and look up while enjoying all our festival has to offer… You’ll be able to watch the thrilling action as 12 competitors take flight across the Northants sky!

Run by the Competition Club of the BBAC (British Balloon and Airship Club) the competition is especially for balloon pilots flying racer style balloons, as well as flying to specific balloon skilled tasks. These tasks will test their flying skills and show off their flair and expertise when handling specific tasks.

The Event Competition Director has over 30 years flying experience and has been involved in the World Hot Air Balloon Championships so he is perfectly placed to assess the competition!

And, the winner’s prize is qualification points towards entry to the European Balloon Championships!

And here’s an interesting fact… did you know that all the hot air balloons take flight at dawn and dusk? All the hot air balloons from the Balloon Grand Prix will take flight at the same time: 6am and 6pm so be sure to look up at these times!

We can’t wait to see these balloons in action and all the thrills that come with seeing these competitors fly with panache for that fabulous prize!

See you at the festival!