Stunt Monkey

Introducing Stunt Monkey – real, edge of your seat entertainment and pushing the limits of possibility on 2 wheels!


Stunt monkey van


We are Stunt Monkey, a motorcycle stunt team with over 10 years combined experience in show day entertainment and know what it takes to amaze a crowd. Our display consists of 2 of Britain’s best trials stunt riders and a professional comedian commentator, which combined, creates a show that is loved by all ages. We can perform on any surface, in any weather and pretty much any size arena down to a minimum of 20m x 25m. All that’s left to say is we hope to hear from you soon and promise you won’t be disappointed!


Stunt monkeys stunt 2


A whole new level of excitement here at Northampton Town Festival, nothing like this has been done here before – and you don’t need to be a motorcycle expert to enjoy the show!


Before performing at Northampton Town Festival in July, Stunt Monkey will be touring at the Manchester Bike Show at EventCity, Trafford Park on the 2nd – 3rd of April 2016 where they will be releasing some of their newest moves for the first time!


Stunt monkeys stunt 2 in 1


Stunt Monkey will be showcasing their official Merchandise at the show; if you can’t wait that long, here’s their official online shop!


So get involved, be prepare to be amazed by defying gravity tricks, and enjoy the commentary to guide you through the show!  We know we’ll be taking a ringside seat!  Who could miss these faces 😉


Stunt monkeys the team 2


p.s. The best photo’s and stories you send in from the show will be featured online afterwards! Feel free to send these through to