Find Your Family Time!

Do you love family time? Whether your kids are tiny toddlers or teens, or, even if your family is a special group of friends you love to be with, there’s nothing better than spending quality time together as a family. And, finding something fun to do together makes that time even more fun!



With summer approaching, we have the perfect day out for you – come along to the Northampton Town Festival over the weekend of 7-8th July at The Racecourse, Northampton… With a giant funfair with rides for everyone – from toddlers to teens and adults looking for white knuckle thrills, live music, a specially constructed kids zone, local traders selling everything from sweets to food and crafts and, of course the hot air balloons, there’s something for all the family to enjoy!



And, if you want more reasons why spending time together as a family is so important, take a look at our top reasons below…


It Makes Family Bonds Stronger

Getting together with your family for some leisure activities strengthens the family bond as it can make everyone feel closer together – especially when you’re doing something that’s fun and that gets you out and about experiencing new things.



Parenting Skills Get Better

It’s true! We all know that parenthood is hard work, especially if kids feel bored and in need of something to do – and how you act as a parent matters. Kids learn by example and how parents act, is how kids will. Finding fun things to do together creates positive experiences that can really help.


More Family Time – Less Behavioural Issues

Kids love spending time with their family and engaging in fun pursuits together such as fun days out can help with so many issues such as interpersonal skills and behavioural problems.


Family Time is Happy Time!

Think back to when you were a child and those happy times – days out with your family and how much fun it was. Family time is happy time, especially if you choose fun pursuits.



Ready for more family time? Don’t forget to include a visit to the Northampton Town Festival as part of your quest for more time together!


See you in July!